Medi Foundation

Association for Combating Addiction

Our goal is a new method of struggle that will be enriched with notions such as art and sports, treatment methods appropriate for our age, based on clear scientific goals and developments.


Addiction-Related Statistics

Addiction has behavioral, social, biological and genetic causes; however, no reason is sufficient to explain addiction alone. Although there are many factors in the use of substance into addiction, it is basically a biological process. The psychological characteristics of the person, genetic predisposition, environmental factors, accessibility to the substance, family structure, social environment and cultural characteristics are the most important factors for the person to start using the substance and turn it into addiction.

The risk of addiction development varies according to the type of substance used, the purity of the substance and the physical and mental structure of the person used.

With the onset of addiction, a vicious circle is entered and the only remedy is to cure the disease.



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